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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of Pastor Lynn and the deacons & deaconesses of NLM. We watch over all ministries & members with love and care and communicate with the KM congregation. If you need any assistance, we're here to help!

Praise Ministry

Our praise team coordinates all things praise, from Sunday worship to retreat / special evens, preparing and practicing for the praise time and handling the all equipment regarding praise.

Family Groups

We have many families in NLM, and Family Groups can mean each of those precious families or a group of families that come together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Family worship is at the core of our Family Groups.

Read & Follow Club

Read & Follow Club is our small group for those who are dedicated to reading good books of faith and actually carrying out what we've learned through those books in our lives.  

Prayer Ministry

We meet every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm via Zoom, to pray together on a specific prayer topic each week, and also share our personal prayer topics to pray on too. It's a wonderful time of building intimate relationship with God and each other.  

Outreach Ministry

We are called to a life of evangelism, outreach and mission. NLM members engage in these activities regularly to spread the love of God and expand His Kingdom.

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